Are all items in stock?

In principal all the products shown are in stock. Once you place an order , you will receive our acceptance and confirmation of your order via email and we will ship these products within 10 working days after your order.In case that these goods are not in stock we will notify you when they will be back in stock. You can decide whether or not to cancel the order. In case of a cancellation of your order we will refund the sum of your purchase to your account within 30 days of your cancellation.

How long does it take to create a bespoke jewel?

For bespoke jewelry the delivery period is two to four weeks after our acceptance and confirmation of your order.

What if I want a jewel fast for a special occasion?

For products that you would like to have for a special occasion we can shorten our delivery period. This period is announced and agreed together with the customer.

I seem not to find my ring size but I would still like to order the ring

For rings greater than size 58 for women, and 64 for men will be an additional charge of 25€. The delivery period for these items are 2 weeks.

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Wearing jewelry

Millions of people are wearing daily their jewelry, but few know how to keep their jewelry beautiful and clean. With help of a couple of simple resources and cleverness everybody can keep their jewelry gorgeous. Here are few tips to consider by wearing jewelry:

·         Remove jewelry while performing manual tasks in order to avoid physical damage or exposure in chemicals or cleaning agents. Some tasks that should definitely be avoided when wearing jewelry are kitchen work, gardening, and house holding.

·         Wear jewelry after you done with make up: Cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and lotion contain chemicals which can damage jewelry. Wear your jewelry after you used cosmetics, this will prevent damage and exposure.

·         Do not wear jewellery in swimming pools or Spas, chlorinated water can react with metals in jewellery and cause discoloration and even structural damage.

·         Contact sports and jewellery do not go together. Heavy blows during sports can damage your jewellery and do not forget the other people involved.

Cleaning jewelry

For those who wear jewelry regularly: thorough and regular maintained jewelry guarantee a beautiful jewel .Here are some general guide lines that can help:

·         Remove jewelry while bathing. Soap can create a film where the jewel becomes dull and dirty.

·         Use jewel polishing cloth for the best result.

·         Polish silver or gold with a jewellery cloth for best results, the professional ones are the best. Use of paper towel or other fabric can cause scratches  as result of the fibers in these products.

·         Self cleaning and maintain of your jewellery is necessary but be careful. Buy products only from a jeweler or upon advice of a jeweler;  because some products contain bleach that can damage some gemstones.

·         Use warm water and soap to clean jewelry that you do not wear and lose their glance. Use of hot water can tarnish silver jewelry.

·         Avoid cleaning damaged jewelry, the extra treatment can cause even bigger damage. It will be better to repair the jewel at a jeweler, and re-polish it.

·         Check your jewelry regularly while cleaning them.  Check the gems and their settings, look for deep scratches or cracks. If you discover a problem let the jewel to be repaired. So you can keep and cherish the jewel for years and pass it through different generations.


Repairing jewelry

From time to time is necessary to carry out a repair. By NTHEO we offer a service to carry out repair done by a well-trained professional co-worker.

Prevention is the best way to avoid repairs. Regular checks on your jewelry are the best way to avoid unnecessary costs. You can with a simple check every two to three months; depending on how regular you wear your jewelry can assure that the condition of your jewellery is good.

If you do let your jewel to be repaired by collection of it is very important to inspect carefully the work that has been done. Before accepting the jewel you should control first that the repair is being executed accordingly.

Store jewelry

Whoever has built a collection of jewelry knows how important it is to keep this collection beautiful and complete. For your interest and the long life of your beloved jewelry here are some recommendations:

·         Keep your jewelry safe. Keep your jewelry in a closed casket coated with a soft cloth in a safe.

·         Preserve your jewelry from tarnishing. Jewelry that is not worn can become dull, namely silver and gold. To preserve the glance of your jewelry place them in a soft tissue or in a good zipped plastic bag.


Even cultured pearls with thick coatings are more vulnerable than the rest gemstones so be careful with them in order to keep them in good condition.

Wear your pearls after you have done with putting make-up and cosmetics.

Pearl rings you wear them after you have put hand or body cream.

Wipe your pearls with a soft but not fluffy cloth after removing them. You can use a dampen cloth

and then allow pearls to dry before store away.

Dirty pearls can be cleaned with a mild soap solution and water.

Never clean your pearls with ammoniac solutions or aggressive detergents.

Never clean pearls with ultrasonic cleaner.

Do not use abrasives to clean pearls. These will remove the luster of the pearls.

Store pearls

Do not store pearls together with other jewellery they might be scratched or damage.

Find a casket for pearls or bag them in chamois leather or other soft material.

Pearls need to be restring from time to time as their satin threats wore out after a certain time.


How do you ship the jewelry and is it safe?

We shall deliver the products that you have ordered from us to the address given during your purchase on our website. It’s your responsibility to communicate the correct address and that there is somebody to receive and sign for the delivery of  the goods from the delivery service used.

All of our orders are shipped by BPOST.

Shipments above 350€ are free of charge within BENELUX and Europe I. For Europe II  shipments  above 1000€ are free of charge. 

Under the above mentioned amount the rates are:

  • Belgium 14€ 
  •  Europe I (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands)  24€ BPOST
  •  Europe II (Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus,Denmark, Czech Republic,Croatia, Estonia,Finland, Greece, Hungary,Ireland,Ierland, Finland, Isle of Man(UK), Monaco, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia,Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Malta)  41€ BPOST

For products of high value we take an insurance. This amounts  1% of the total purchase amount with a minimum of 10€. You can choose not to take an insurance but we are not responsible for eventual damage, loss, or theft.

You will be the owner of the goods that you have ordered when these are delivered to you. Once the goods are at your possession you have to keep them at your own risk and we are not responsible for an eventual damage, loss theft or destruction.

If for any reason your order is send back to us, you are responsible for the extra charges of reshipment of the goods.


What is vermeil jewelry?

Vermeil jewelry are sterling silver ones that are having a thin layer of 18 carat gold or rhodium. The thickness of the layer depends from the metal that we use to plate the silver jewel.

NTHEO rhodium-plates silver jewelry with WHITESTAR Dip from Heimerle+Meule as the other agents, Pink gold and yellow gold.

The max. layer thickness that you can apply on a piece of jewelry is 0.3 μm (0.0003mm) for rhodium.

The max. layer thickness  for pink or yellow gold is 0.1 to 0.2 μm (0.0001-0.0002mm)

The max. layer thickness for pre-gold bath is 0.5 μm (0.0005mm)