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Ntheo is... more than just a jeweller, as we strive to be a hub for jewellery, where everyone can come and add to this ancient craft. And because jewellery has so much history, it might be daunting to explore the sector. That is where we come in, from old pieces, to complete custom visions, or from reviving old pieces to hand-engraving one of your favourite pieces. Our goal is to be accessible to all, and to serve your needs to the best of our abilities by using decades of experience and a unique style that has developed with us through our journey.

 Definition of bespoke by Merriam-Webster

 be·​spoke bi-ˈspōk  


  1. Custom-made
  2. Dealing in or producing custom articles


Custom Jewellery/pieces


Sometimes when we decide to show our truest self to the world, we fail to express it through the limited options in our wardrobe, those days when we have “nothing to wear”.  That specific problem is something that does not have to come up when you commission your very own jewel, like a ring or necklace. The options are immense, you can choose to commemorate a moment, pay tribute to someone important in your life or pay homage to one of your favourite artists... Our head designer Nikolaos feels that everyone should have the opportunity to own a custom piece of jewellery. Exactly so that when the moment arises, you will be prepared to show your true colours.


    • Your vision, our command


The first step in creating this custom piece is to put your idea into words. You can choose to do this yourself, or in conversation with us. After all, what you wish is our command. Besides our experience may help you understand what can be done and how jewellery pricing works. Our jeweller is very skilled in different techniques such as enamelling, mokumé-gane, setting and many more to help create your dream. And naturally our workshop is stacked with the necessary tools for the best results.


    • Inspiration & conversation


Having your own idea is one thing, but putting it to paper is another; thankfully Ntheo works hard to help you complete this perhaps scary task. During our conversation our jeweller will sketch what you tell him. To help clarify your vision, we have reference material like our gallery of photos, books and magazines to illustrate what you exactly need. We can also use your source material, if you wish to bring something, to figure out what will be best for you. Our expert input can help you fill the gaps to create what is exactly right for you!


    • Sketches & wax


After that we gather all the information and sketches and make a 3D design, which we then use to make a model to see how the piece would actually look. We can send you the information, but it’s also possible to come to our office so you can see the design yourself and decide whether you want to make changes, perfect it, or leave it as is.


    • Raw state & fitting


Nikolaos, who has walked with you through all previous steps, then sets the preparation into motion and goes to work on your custom piece of jewellery.  First, he prepares his materials, and then he works his magic, breathing life into your very own jewel. The first stage of creation is to make a raw piece that is not yet set with diamonds, if that is part of your order. You then come by to perform your own quality control and decide that our creation fits you, which is always our favourite part of the entire transaction. The magic of seeing one’s face light up when they come into contact with their vision, transferred into Metal and stone, formed by all 4 natural elements, that is why Ntheo does what we do.

ADVICE: It’s important to note that if you commissioned a ring with gemstones, that we have a moment to fit it before the stones are set, otherwise adjustments made could cause irreversible damage to your precious gems.


    • final steps


The final steps are setting the stones, if necessary. We then polish and buff the piece; we gold- or rhodium-plate the piece so it’s clean and ready to be worn, and done!
You now own a unique piece of jewellery that’s exclusively for you and that represents you. This entire process until now usually takes a couple of weeks, if necessary we can agree to a deadline date so that you are sure that your piece will delivered on time, if, for example there is a specific event for which the piece is needed. We also supply you with the necessary cloth and a jewellery box to keep it clean and safe.


    • Taking care of your treasure


We believe jewellery is something that stays with you through your adventures and life, so it’s important to treat your piece with the respect and care that it deserves. After care is an essential practice to keep your piece looking fresh.
It is however natural that exposure to the elements of nature and other factors like frequency of wear, bodily fluids, cream products and perfums,certain activities, dust, etc.  will fade the shine of your piece. That is why we supply a jewellery polishing cloth with every order.
Precious metals like gold and silver are soft in the sense that wear and tear like scratches are completely normal, but we do offer an in-house polishing service.

for more information on aftercare, visit our FAQ

    • Payment


We have a range of payment options to ease the process of acquiring your custom piece. We ask for a deposit, this will be 30% to 50%, depending on the price of the piece the amount of metal and amount of Gemstones/ diamonds used.
We understand that jewellery is expensive and that times are hard for everybody. So if, say for example, you have an old golden family heirloom, or a piece of older gold jewellery that serves no purpose, it’s always possible to exchange this old piece and use its worth to pay in part for your brand-new shining custom piece. Likewise this piece could also be used to pay for the deposit.
But we also like to impress upon our customers that the craftsmanship of hand-made jewellery, that is one of a kind and made with love will always give you more satisfaction than something that is made in the millions by a machine.



Upcycling your vintage pieces

Were you once in your grandmother’s attic and found a box full of old jewellery that is not needed anymore? Or have you ever looked at jewellery prices and wondered if there was a way to make them more affordable? Or did you buy a piece that you loved once, but have grown out of and want to spice up again?

All these pieces are welcome here; our team will give their all to supply you with a fresh new piece. We’ll do this in a similar manner as we do fully custom pieces; the only difference is that the materials are (mostly) supplied. Furthermore you can decide whether or not you want something close to the original or a new version of the piece.
Buddhists believe that this process of making something new out of something old is not destruction, for them the concept of Reincarnation works like this, there is no new or old, there is only evolution. So your piece is not ever lost, it only chose a different path in a different shape, but the history remains nonetheless.
Doing this also saves you the cost of the new materials needed for a piece, so you can come out of it with something that feels as new but did not have the price tag of a new jewel.
For further inquiries or possible questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


  • Other services


During our journey through this ancient craft we have had the privilege of picking up some skills that helped us become the best version of ourselves, because they mostly facilitate our process and make designing more accessible which in turn is beneficial for our clients. We gladly offer these services to everyone, so feel free to contact us regarding any questions.

    • Repairs and restoration

As well as helping our customers with new pieces, if you already own a jewel and it has been damaged, for instance if a ring cracked, we are able to repair this. Besides that, we can also make old, worn pieces look anew. But sometimes, something is so damaged or so old that it cannot be restored in the original state, our expertise may help you in uncovering whether restoration is feasible, or if it may be better to put the piece to rest. Sometimes a piece has become so fragile over the years that handling it would most likely result in more damage.

    • Visual design & 3D services

One of our in-house services we also offer is to create visual designs. Our designer has extensive experience in programs like, Rhinoceros, Bongo  and others. His skills allow him to put an explanation into a design, he puts words to paper and can help clients visualize their projects. He specialises in small objects, but he is not afraid of any challenge and is always open to new ideas.

    • Engraving

Engraving jewellery is the ultimate customisation of your treasure. You can personalize your piece with a date, piece of text, or even a small design. Furthermore it is possible to use ornamental engraving on your jewel. This is an ancient technique that was first used in Egypt in the 1st century BC, using simple tools to create shallow grooves.
Our goldsmith Nikolaos is very proficient in hand-engraving and will gladly carve your message, further making your jewellery uniquely yours.

    • Restringing

Jewelry has always been fascinated by not only gems and diamonds, but also pearls and beads. These are strung on very thin materials, and are liable to fraying or breaking, especially for pearls, which are thread with silk. So restringing pearls is more than recommended, it should become a habit. On the other hand, for the beads we offer a stringing service using Nylon threads. Because nylon is a synthetic material it offers more durability and lasts longer than silk.